New year, new blog

Hello, and welcome!

This is the new blog set up by and for younger researchers in the field of judgment and decision-making psychology. We wanted to have a place to present new ideas in a more fast-paced and interactive way than the traditional peer-reviewed channels in academia.

This blog aims to be accessible to everyone without compromising on academic integrity: in practice this means posts written in a reader-friendly, informal style with some references provided at the bottom of each post for those who want to follow them up.

We also want the blog to be interactive and a conversation starter.

That’s why we welcome ideas that are not necessarily yet published anywhere, ideas that you’re just developing and want to get feedback for. Alternatively, if you see a specific topic appearing in the media and want to comment on it based on your research experience and expertise, please get in touch!

Our dream for the blog is that researchers of all levels would get involved in the writing (email us with your ideas and we’ll post them). If you’d like to see your research ideas presented here but don’t want to write them up yourself, get in touch!

In addition to the blog, we’ve also set up a Facebook community – come and join the conversation there as well.

In the meanwhile… enjoy!

Elina & Neda (editors)


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