Flying start for InDecision

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been quite a month for InDecision.

Four weeks ago we published the first interview of Hal Arkes, followed by George Loewenstein, Richard Thaler and Chris Hsee. We were already thrilled with the hundreds of people who took an interest in the first two interviews (not to mention Wall Street Journal taking a shine to George Loewenstein’s interview!), but week three… things went a little bit crazy. 

10k coverage

In 48h, we had over 5000 views of the blog, after several popular tweeters such as Nudge Blog promoted it and it was picked up by the economics blog Marginal Revolution (sparking a lively debate) as well as the World Bank blog.  Some disagreed with Thaler, most notably Eric Falkenberg in Business Insider who felt he was giving bad advice – thankfully, not everyone felt the same

indecision blog stats 1st month

Well, it’s a good start for such a young blog – long may it continue! There’s also been some interest in republishing some of the interviews on various other blogs – such interest in our field is great news indeed. All in all, we’ve had over 9000 views of the blog and a bit over 5000 visitors in the first month which is absolutely fantastic. In February, we’ll have more great interviews from John Payne, Jon Baron, Elke Weber and a couple of surprise guests – watch this space.


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