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The blog was founded by Elina Halonen and Neda Kerimi, along with a team of regular contributors who edit and contribute content on different areas of applied decision making science.

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If you’d like to contribute, please drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you: indecisionblogging@gmail.com 

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Elina is a founding partner of The Irrational Agency, a London-based market research agency that uses behavioural economics and cross-cultural consumer psychology. Her past life as a PhD researcher led her to start this blog, even though latterly she’s mostly focused on running her company.  When not working, she enjoys watching obscure world cinema and learning languages. Website | EmailTwitter


caroline new resizedCaroline Roux is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at Concordia University. She received her PhD in Marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and holds a MSc in Marketing from HEC Montréal and a BBA in Marketing from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Her primary area of research explores how reminders of resource scarcity affect consumers’ cognitions, judgment and behaviour. More broadly, her research interests focus on better understanding how pro-social values and moral considerations influence consumers’ decision making.

Her research focuses on the psychological and behavioral consequences of being exposed to scarcity-related cues. Her life goal as an academic is to use research and teaching to help make the world a better place. Besides spending most of her free time attempting to read the entire internet, she also enjoys cooking, reading historical novels and watching cat videos. Website | Twitter

shereen resizedShereen Chaudhry is a behavioral decision research PhD student in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University. Her research focuses on the behavioral and economic impacts of non-monetary incentives, and she is also interested in behavioral solutions for policy-relevant problems. In a past life she was a brain photographer in Berlin, but now she spends time kickboxing and exploring Pittsburgh’s installation art. Website

leigh resizedLeigh Caldwell is an author and economics researcher, applying the empirical discoveries of cognitive science and psychology to make economic models more realistic. He also works as a consultant on pricing strategy using behavioural economics to help companies set prices that fit their customers’ decision making processes. Working in both the academic and commercial worlds helps him to keep the commercial work up-to-date and scientifically grounded, and the academic work realistic and practically oriented. Outside of work he spends a lot of time tweeting, travelling, theorising about art and literature, and teaching his one-year-old niece to count. Website | Blog | Twitter | Interview


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Troy Campbell is an Assistant Marketing Professor at the University of Oregon. He studies what people love, like, and find most important. From our favorite hobbies, to our most cherished beliefs, and yes, even the state of feeling nerdy, he studies what aspects affect us, how we can be better people, why we sometimes lie to ourselves, and how we can enjoy life more. Formally, he studies consumer enjoyment, identity, and overcoming resistance in communication (such as scientific communication). He received his Ph.D from Duke University, formerly worked as a Disney imagineer, and grew up in the shadows of Hollywood working in film and web media. In high school he won “most likely to join the circus” for his enthusiasm and acrobatics. He does fewer backflips today but still signs every email, “Enthusiastically, Troy.” Website | Twitter

tom wein resizedTom Wein is the founding partner of Aware International, a social enterprise offering behavioural insights for the public good. A behavioural science consultant, researcher and writer, he works mostly on conflict and development. Twitter | Tumblr


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