New series: In The Wild

This month we’re introducing a new interview series ‘In The Wild’ where we speak to practitioners who apply decision making science in their work in a range of industries.

Decision making science is becoming increasingly popular in both the commercial sector as well as influencing public policy. Well-known recent examples include the Obama campaign which employed behavioural scientists as a part of its strategy and of course the British Government’s Behavioural Insights Team (or the ‘Nudge Unit’ as they are also known) that has been so successful it has even been ‘exported’ to Australia.

While savvy marketers have probably always intuitively known some of the  quirks about human behaviour academics have now proved, decision making science has also attracted significant interest in the commercial sector in advertising, market research and user experience.

But how much do we really know about how our research is being used? What parts of our work do practitioners use most? What are the challenges that they face in taking our work and applying it in the ‘real world’? How do they the relationship between them and us, the scientists? And what advice would they give to young researchers?

Tune in to find out.


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